How to Last Longer in Bed

This sounds ridiculous and I used to think it was as well. You see, premature ejaculation happens for a lot of reasons. You can be oversensitive for example. But you have probably heard a lot of people say that it is due to anxiety. And for years I thought that anxiety had nothing to do with how to last longer in bed – surely I did not worry too much in bed about my own performance?

I think that the key is not how others view your performance or mine but I was obsessed with lasting a long time. And when you obsess too much about lasting a long time then you end up being hypersensitive. So you can dull the sensations as we described earlier but another way is to stop this obsession on lasting longer.

It’s like people who want to go to sleep quickly. If you concentrate on trying to stay awake then you can actually fall asleep easily! So in the same way, if you don’t concentrate on having an ideal long session in bed then you will actually HAVE a long session in bed!

I know, it sounds crazy but it works. There’s a couple of ways of doing it. I’ve mentioned in the past to concentrate more on your partner. But there are also other ways – such as taking some types of anti-depressants.

Yes, believe it or not, antidepressants can actually make you last longer in bed. At first when I heard of this I thought it was some kind of extraordinary coincidence of a medical discovery. But when you think again, it makes perfect sense.

Remember how I said that PE is often caused by anxiety, even just thinking about how long you want to last can be enough to make you reach climax early, even if you don’t feel much stress. So when people take antidepressants, it allows them to “care less” about many things, including their performance in the sack.

The most promising group of these drugs are the modern ones called SSRIs. They are all very similar in their effect on you with some slight differences.

For some unknown reason, the most effective one for PE is called Paroxetine.

I must warn you though – using antidepressants to cure premature ejaculation is quite extreme. First of all, they affect your thinking, most doctors do not recommend them for otherwise healthy individuals. Also, the side effects when coming off them, especially Paroxetine, can be quite extreme – such as feeling like you have electric shocks in your head!

They remind me a bit of liposuction. They are a quick guaranteed fix but not a long term sustainable cure, with a high risk of complications. I have tried nearly all the PE cures but antidepressants is not a route that I ever took nor do I ever plan on taking even for experimental purposes – I just thought I would educate you on how they work and also the dangers of some “cures” out there. A safer, somewhat extreme, route to go is lidocaine.

In a past article I told you about benzocaine condoms? Well, there is another type of anesthetic that is more potent. It’s called lidocaine. You may have heard of this because some doctors use it for people with heart problems. But in light doses, it’s also a good topical (for the skin) anesthetic.

A few years ago, some new sprays came out which work very well containing this substance. You simply apply a small dose a few minutes before sex. You don’t need a script to buy this either.

I think they normally recommend around 4 sprays and no more than 24 in a 24 hour period. I advise that you follow the instructions as directed. A few times I have used a lot more spray and I’m sure that I felt some kidney pain later so don’t overdose!! The other problem with overdosing is that you will barely be able to feel anything during intercourse which defeats the whole point of the exercise. So look out for lidocaine, it’s much more potent than benzocaine and you might want to look into it if the regular “last longer condoms” didn’t work for you.

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