Premature Ejaculation Drugs

Premature ejaculation drugs have recently been prescribed in the last few years and can be highly effective for sufferers of PE.

Private Clinics

First of all a warning. There have recently been a few private clinics who have prescribed their own cures for PE, in the form of a spray, particularly in Australia.

You should know that these sprays have not undergone any clinical trials or even any testing to see if they really do work at all.

There are so many other treatments out there that I implore you not to waste the hundreds of dollars that these clinics charge for what may at best be a placebo effect (the cure is only in your head) and what at worst could even be dangerous.


SSRIs are a modern class of antidepressant drug that have been used for a few decades as the first drug treatment option for those with anxiety or depression.

The true cause of premature ejaculation is not physical but mental. It is an anxiety about performance in the bedroom. Therefore, SSRIs have also been found to be helpful for men with PE.

There can be side effects of taking these drugs such as SSRI discontinuation syndrome. Personally, I recommend you look for natural ways but if you have exhausted all other methods of treating your PE and wish to go with SSRIs then I would do your own research before going to your doctor.

You see, your doctor may know a lot about antidepressants generally but he will not be a specialist on premature ejaculation. It is better for you to do your own research and present it to your doctor to make sure you get the right drug. For instance, Paroxetine works better than Fluoxetine but it is also associated with greater withdrawal side effects.

Future Drugs

Many drug companies claim to be working on effective drugs for PE that could be on the market within 3-5 years.

Having read about them, I am personally disappointed because they are not attempting to combat the root cause, the performance anxiety. Instead, they are going for a symptom-driven physical approach.

Further Comment

If you ignore the side effects, drugs like SSRIs are actually better than delay sprays because they go further than just treating the physical symptoms of premature ejaculation and they focus on the root cause, the performance anxiety.

However, no drug is a permanent cure. Take the drug away and the problems will return. The only real permanent approach is to rid yourself of the anxiety. My personal recommendation is to try a self help book and train yourself sexually so that you can overcome your performance anxiety.

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