Male Performance Anxiety

Male performance anxiety is the root cause of 99% of cases of premature ejaculation. Let’s take a closer look at the components of it.

What Is Anxiety Itself?

The medical definition of anxiety is “a feeling of apprehension and fear that manifests itself in physical symptoms e.g. sweating, palpitations”.

What Is Male Performance Anxiety?

This is when a man is worried about how long he will last in bed and also his general performance and this manifests itself physically as premature ejaculation.

The important thing to remember is that a man may not have any anxieties in his regular life except for in the bedroom.

How To Treat It?

The good news is that we know what this type of anxiety is and what it can physically do to a man. So the only way to cure PE is to actually treat the original cause of the anxiety itself. Sprays and delay creams may help a man temporarily but they will not cure his anxiety.


Some doctors may prescrible antidepressants. The modern class of drugs called SSRIs are known to be very effective for treating anxiety and some of them are especially good for male performance anxiety.

However, be aware that these drugs work all the time – both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom – and are powerfully mood altering. They can also have some unwanted side effects.

If you have tried absolutely everything, including the cures I mention below, then I would recommend that you try SSRIs. On a risk to reward comparison, a good sex life may well be worth the minimal side effects if you have tried all other methods of treating your performance anxiety and your PE.


Many men who get performance anxiety need to be more confident in themselves. What I mean by this is that these men may have confidence issues and need a mental boost.

If you walk into a bedroom and put your woman on a pedestal and see her as more than just beautiful but perhaps “too good” for you, if you feel that you absolutely must perform in order to prove to her your worth, if you do not take much of a lead in the bedroom but are passive, if you are generally not happy with a man being “dominant” in a relationship, then you could really benefit from a surge in your confidence.

If you look in nature and in all successful relationships through time, man has always dominated his women. By this, I don’t mean that men and women are not equal. They definitely have an equitable relationship.

Man has always hunted and provided for his woman. The woman has always nurtured and brought up the kids. Women always like a guy who takes charge, who makes quick decisions (even if they are wrong) and who will dominate her in the bedroom.

Do not be afraid to dominate your woman in your relationship. All but the most feminist women will enjoy this type of behaviour. They will want to feel “owned” by you, this is a natural urge of theirs. By displaying this behaviour with her in everyday situations, this will boost your confidence too.

And when it comes to the bedroom, take charge with your woman. Take the lead and decide when to change positions. Lift and flip her around as necessary. Remember, “you are tha man!” and this is exactly the type of man that every woman really wants.


This is a method that I devised myself during one of my relationships. I found that by seeing the bigger picture, sexually speaking, that I was no longer worried about how long I would last. I was able to “plateau” and last as long as I wanted.

By seeing the much bigger picture about sex that most people miss, I was able to quash my anxiety and fears about my performance in the bedroom.

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After being diagnosed with PE I've looked up or tried just about everything out there, this blog is a collection of my thoughts and findings. I research everything I write but if you find a mistake let me know in the comments...

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