How to Last Longer in Bed

This sounds ridiculous and I used to think it was as well. You see, premature ejaculation happens for a lot of reasons. You can be oversensitive for example. But you have probably heard a lot of people say that it is due to anxiety. And for years I thought that anxiety had nothing to do […]

Premature Ejaculation Treatments – 3 Treatments To Help You Overcome Rapid Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation treatments can be found almost everywhere but which ones work and which ones do not. Are some permanent and others not? Which is the best? I’ll tell you in this article. Getting To The Root Of The Problem Before we look at the treatments, you need to consider the true cause of premature […]

Exercise To Stop Premature Ejaculation – 3 To Help You

An exercise to stop premature ejaculation is not such an unrealistic concept after all. No single exercise will cure you overnight but there are several that will help you decrease your performance anxiety, increase your confidence in the bedroom and then get you closer to the goal of being totally and permanently cured from premature […]

How To Delay Ejaculation For Men

Men alone do not suffer when a man has problems in the bedroom. Many concerned partners will also want to know how to delay ejaculation for men, not simply for selfish reasons but also to help their man out. Here are a few tips that you can start to use tonight to help your man […]

5-HT Receptors and Their Role In Premature Ejaculation

5-HT (5-hydroxytryptamine) or seratonin receptors are located on nerve cells and have a role in the effects of seratonin. There are a number of receptors and it is known that activating one of them (5-HT2C) delays ejaculation. Activating another (5-HT1A) will promote rapid ejaculation. This is a relatively new area of study in the fight […]