How To Delay Ejaculation For Men

Men alone do not suffer when a man has problems in the bedroom. Many concerned partners will also want to know how to delay ejaculation for men, not simply for selfish reasons but also to help their man out.

Here are a few tips that you can start to use tonight to help your man last longer:

  • PE only happens when a guy is nervous. Your overall mission, tips or techniques or whatever, is to make him feel like he is “the man” in bed.
  • Go easy when giving fellatio (oral sex) to your man. Some women go overboard as if there were some race to make the man ejaculate a.s.a.p. Take your time and go slowly. If your man wants you to go faster, he’ll tell you.
  • For your first position of the night, let him go first. If you pounce on him and start thrusting away, he might get nervous due to feeling out of control. You can always try these positions later on anyway.
  • Sex is not just oral and penetration. The best way to comfort a guy and make him less stressed and more confident is to have plenty of “extras”. Press your body against his, do some light foreplay (not too much or he’ll just get too excited), massage, kissing etc.

Talk to your man and tell him you want to help him get through this. But if it needs to take a long time then so be it. Don’t put any pressure on your man or you will only make the problem worse.

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