Benzocaine Condoms – Durex Performax

Benzocaine condoms are a great way to stop yourself from getting premature ejaculation tonight. There are better ways if you want a long term solution (click here to read about the symptom vs. cure driven approach) but if you need to delay tonight then there is nothing better.

Looking for the best place to purchase? Scroll down to the bottom for my favorite online store.

Durex Performax

Durex Performax are medicated condoms manufactured by one of the biggest condom suppliers in the world, Durex.

Also known as “Durex Performa”, they are a regular latex condom with one exception, they contain a small amount of benzocaine jelly in the tip.

As you roll the condom on, the jelly will melt onto the head of your penis and within 2 minutes, you are ready to go. Typically, you can expect to last at least 5 minutes longer in bed.

You may feel a slight decreased sensation when using these. However, most men with PE do not have this problem.

Alternatively, you can even take the jelly out and collect it in a container so that you can use as little or as much as you wish. If you feel that these condoms are not strong enough, then you might want to look at getting a lidocaine delay spray instead.

I have found Undercover Condoms to be the best online supplier. You can order anywhere from 12 to 100 pieces and the shipping is very reasonable. You can buy Durex Performax Condoms from the store at the bottom of this page.

Trojan Extended Pleasure

The other big condom manufacturer is Trojan and they have a similar range called “Extended Pleasure”. Trojan has been around a long time and puts out a quality product. My personal experience is that these don’t perform quite as well for me but you may have better luck with them. You can get Extended Pleasure Condoms from the store at the bottom of this page.

Buying Benzocaine Condoms Online

I prefer to buy mine online, mainly because the prices are better but there’s always that privacy issue. I don’t like getting that look from the girl at the counter of the drug store. I have had a little fun with it by saying “They make me last 45 minutes, good stuff” 🙂 Then watch them turn red as a beet!

Anyway, Undercover Condoms is where I buy mine. Pricing starts at just over 3 bucks and they ship world wide. Check them out here. If you find a better place let me know and I’ll post the link.

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