Products To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

There are 2 types of products for preventing premature ejaculation. The first just deals with the symptoms and the second deals with the root cause. Read on to find out more.

Symptom Driven Approach

What you must understand is that 90% of the medical industry revolves around dealing with the symptoms. Whether the health problem is obesity, smoking, diabetes or anything else – the drug companies are only interested in helping you alleviate the symptoms and this way they’ll make more money out of you over the years. Some examples:

  • Delay sprays – these prolong your time in the bedroom but they don’t cure you of anything. You are still watching closely how long you will last but because they numb your penis and give you less pleasure, you get a few extra minutes.
  • Condoms – whether you use a condom with some anesthetic inside it or just a thicker condom, the effect is the same. You reduce your pleasure and this allows you to last longer. It’s as if you can’t get something for nothing.
  • Different Positions – this is a bit better. At least you are having real sex. To be fair, it is a good idea to experiment more in the bedroom in this way. This can actually help to reduce your premature ejaculation in the long term. But usually, guys will try different positions as a short term measure.

Cure Driven Approach

This is a far better approach. The root cause of premature ejaculation is anxiety about performance. If there were a way to develop confidence and eliminate anxiety then we could be cured forever.

  • Kegels – this is a more promising method. After a few weeks of exercises, you can develop control over your ejaculation by tensing your pubococcygeus muscle. Although this, in itself, is not a cure for your anxiety, in the long term it will help you because your confidence increases due to the extra control that you have.
  • Surrogacy – if you’re lucky, then you might have access to surrogacy. This is where you can have regular sex with a therapist and develop a greater understanding of your sexuality. It is supposed to be 75% effective.

These are just two cure driven approaches but what is the common theme?

The common theme is that you develop a greater understanding of sex, of the humanistic relationship between you and your partner. You gradually see it less as your penis, the stimulation and how long you have left. This actually becomes irrelevant in the long term.

If you want to learn more about these 100% natural, cure driven approaches then I can highly recommend 3 products like this to prevent premature ejaculation. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

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