Premature Ejaculation – A Mind Game

This technique kinda caught me by surprise when I first discovered it. You see, I was with one of my old girlfriends and we were getting pretty intimate.

On this particular night, I concentrated even more on her pleasure than usual, not because of my own premature ejaculation, I was trying a new technique I found online. So there we are laying body to body in missionary style and I’m working on this new technique which is when you thrust your pubic bone (above your penis) so it applies pressure to her clitoris. I’ll tell you how to do this in a minute.

To my surprise, I found myself lasting a very long time and I think this was mainly psychological. You see, although this technique uses some different types of thrusts, I don’t think this was what helped me.

What really did it was the fact that I was totally focused on her feelings and her pleasure. When you have sex with your girlfriend or lover or whoever, and you totally focus on their pleasure, it is the ultimate “distraction”!

I think you know what I mean when I talk about distractions. I’m sure that you have tried to think of something mundane during sex to take your mind off it so you don’t come too quickly! In the past, I’ve even tried to solve mathematical equations in my head to delay myself as much as possible!

But when you are totally focused on your partner’s pleasure then you take your mind totally off your own. In fact, there’s a bonus – you still get pleasure but it is a kind of pleasure in seeing others have pleasure – if you like, it is a total “mind game”!!

Try it and I’m telling you that it will make a huge difference! I was even able sometimes to control my ejaculation to whenever I wanted and concentrate on pleasuring her instead. The result was that on a few occasions I was able to work her up first and then finally myself until we had the ultimate – the big one, the simultaneous orgasm!

Try this next time, whether it is a steady girlfriend or a one night stand. Just concentrate on her pleasure. You’ll find that not only can you delay your climax, but you’ll also both have a much better session too.

By the way, that technique I was talking about is called Coital Alignment Technique. It’s not absolutely necessary for the above to work, but it’s good to know anyway – here’s a link: Coital Alignment

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