Premature Ejaculation Nasal Sprays

Recently, you might have heard or seen ads for nasal sprays that claim to cure premature ejaculation. Do they work and are they safe? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is It?

This is part of the problem. You see, these nasal sprays are not actually manufactured by any of the drug companies. They are issued by private clinics who exploit a legal loophole and are able to dispense these medications.

Few clinics reveal what their “miracle cure” is but it looks like most of these nasal sprays contain apomorphine, as well as other drugs. This is a drug that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction but most medical professionals prefer to prescribe Viagra or similar medications instead.

How Do You Take It?

Dosages may vary but it looks like you are supposed to take one or two sprays in the nose prior to sex.

After waiting for a few minutes, your arousal increases and you experience similar symptoms to taking erectile dysfunction pills: harder erections, better blood flow etc.

Quite how this is good for premature ejaculation is unclear. If you read my other article on using erectile dysfunction drugs to treat early ejaculation, then I can only assume that the same effect is also being observed here.


For some reason, these nasal sprays are most popular in Australia, with several flamboyant clinic owners extolling the virtues of the nasal spray. And yet this is where the problem lies.

There is no drug company that has created a nasal spray for treatment of premature ejaculation – these clinics occupy a legal loophole where they are able to act, effectively, as a pharmacy and concoct their own medications.

If a manufacturer were to create this type of spray, the spray would have to undergo clinical trials to make sure that it was safe – however, no such clinical trials have been done or are even legally necessary for these nasal sprays.

The fact that these nasal sprays are only prescribed by private clinics only and have not been adopted by the wider medical community also gives concern for their safety and effectiveness.

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