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How to Last Longer in Bed

This sounds ridiculous and I used to think it was as well. You see, premature ejaculation happens for a lot of reasons. You can be oversensitive for example. But you have probably heard a lot of … [Read More...]

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EMLA Cream for Premature Ejaculation

We've written about Lidocaine sprays and creams quite extensively on this website but have you heard of EMLA cream? EMLA (eutectic mixture of local anesthetics) is a combination of 2.5% Lidocaine and … [Read More...]

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Men Health Review

EFFECTIVENESS: 9.6 / 10 PRESENTATION: 9.7 / 10 VALUE FOR MONEY: 9.9 / 10 AVAILABILITY: Download OVERALL RATING: 9.7 / 10 Men Health Info is an online male sexual health center that focuses on personalized sexual therapy to cure your premature … [Read More...]

Ejaculation Trainer

EFFECTIVENESS: 9.9 / 10 PRESENTATION: 9.6 / 10 VALUE FOR MONEY: 9.8 / 10 AVAILABILITY: Download OVERALL RATING: 9.8 / 10 Imagine if you will, you are enjoying a romantic evening with your partner, everything is going great leading up to the ‘big … [Read More...]

Ejaculation Master

EFFECTIVENESS: 9.9 / 10 PRESENTATION: 9.5 / 10 VALUE FOR MONEY: 9.7 / 10 AVAILABILITY: Download OVERALL RATING: 9.7 / 10 Ejaculation Master is well known as the best selling premature ejaculation product on the market. But is it all it's cracked up to … [Read More...]