Why You Should Not Trust Your Doctor With Your PE Problem

Many people trust their doctor when it comes to their family’s health. After all, that is his job, right? He is medically qualified. Let’s take a closer look.

Doctor Knows Best

I don’t disagree with this statement when it comes to making basic diagnoses. Maybe you need advice on vaccinations when going overseas. Maybe he is helping you to lower your cholesterol. Maybe he is advising your wife how to have the best pregnancy.

When it comes to common ailments and problems, your doctor is in a great position to help you. When it comes to a specific condition like premature ejaculation then he may not be as qualified as you had originally thought.

Jack Of All Trades

Your doctor is basically a jack of all trades (and a master of none, some might say). You see, your doctor went to medical school to learn how to be the first port of call for anyone with a health problem. That means he knows how to treat the most basic problems.

But he will freely admit that, unless he has a specialty, he does not know any condition in great detail. He knows enough to make some basic diagnoses and give basic advice but after that he can refer you to a consultant or a specialist.

Do you really think that your doctor knows everything there is to premature ejaculation? Probably when he was at medical school they dedicated one or two lectures to this condition, one of hundreds that he had to just get the basics of. Do you really think that he knows about all the possible options that you have to battle this condition?

The Lobbyists And The Drug Companies

Let’s not forget also that the your family doctor is heavily influenced by those with vested interests. He’ll get free samples and special deals from those companies who want to increase their sales. This is why pharmaceutical reps are made a commission per sale – because selling drugs to your family doctor is a business like any other.

The Truth Is Out There

The truth about which cures work and which don’t is out there. You are fortunate to have the greatest research tool ever invented, the internet.

If you really want to help yourself then don’t rely on the advice of your uninformed doctor. Do your own research and find out yourself what your options are. There is no excuse not to.

Use Your Doctor

Don’t ruin your relationship with your doctor. He can help you get access to drugs or treatments that might help your premature ejaculation problem.

Instead, show him that you are interested and tell him about what you have learned. If anything, you should educate him rather than the other way around.

This way, you’ll get the best treatment that you deserve rather than the treatment that is convenient for him to prescribe.

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After being diagnosed with PE I've looked up or tried just about everything out there, this blog is a collection of my thoughts and findings. I research everything I write but if you find a mistake let me know in the comments...

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