Premature Ejaculation Gene

Is your premature ejaculation just down to genetics? The answer is yes and no.

Premature Ejaculation Gene Found

You may have read recently about a Dutch study of 200 men conducted by Dr. Marcel Waldinger who is one of the world’s leading researchers into premature ejaculation – for example, he defined the term “intravaginal ejaculation latency time”.

Many people have long suspected that a gene might be responsible for lifelong premature ejaculation and it appears that men with PE have less active serotonin between the nerves in the brain responsible for controlling ejaculation.

They have shown that a specific gene, 5-HTTLPR, controls the amount and the activity of serotonin and is found in 3 types.

Gene Types

So, 3 types of genes give:

  • the man who has always had premature ejaculation
  • the “average” man
  • the man who has always lasted a long time

Remember, we are talking here about lifelong PE, not PE caused by some traumatic event.


Waldinger says that this could mean that gene therapy will be a possible cure for PE in the future. He also makes a bold claim that:

“this theory contradicts the idea, which has been common for years, that the primary form of premature ejaculation is a psychological disorder”

What I Think

One day, gene therapy may offer the “magic bullet” cure for men who have had PE their whole life.

However, for men who have suddenly started to have PE due to some traumatic event, gene therapy will not help them. Also, there are many men who have had lifelong PE that is not due to genetics – they may have suffered a bad experience early in life giving rise to anxiety that manifests itself in the bedroom. Many men have suffered in this way and have no idea why.

It’s also worth remembering that Waldinger has long been a researcher into drugs that affect serotonin such as SSRIs and this is likely to continue. You can read more of his studies here.

Plus, “blaming” your genes is no excuse to not do anything about your problem NOW, today. As we map the human genome, each day we are finding out more and more about our individual risk factors. For example, susceptibility to heart disease and cancers, propensity to commit crime, intelligence and more.

It is wise to simply look at a disadvantage that you may be born with and blame it for the rest of your life and become a victim to it? I say no – whether the odds are in your favor or against them, this should be no excuse for not striving to improve yourself.

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