Using Thicker condoms To Prevent PE

One way to last longer and delay your ejaculation is to use thicker condoms. It seems to work for most people.

How Does It Work?

The theory behind this method is very similar to using desensitizing sprays and creams. By using a condom, your sensations are slightly reduced and this can help you last much longer.

In fact, most men report that using a condom helps them to last longer. If you use thicker condoms then this can work even better.

Thick Condoms

Condoms come in varying thicknesses. If you want to delay ejaculation then I recommend going for the thickest that you can find. If you’re lucky then the condom box actually shows a thickness displayed in microns.

Otherwise you should try to find condoms that are advertised as being “strong” or “extra strength”. Condoms that are advertised as being good for anal sex are very strong condoms because anal intercourse has a greater likelihood of a condom tearing.

You should find that you still have plenty of sensation with which to enjoy sex but you will be able to last longer. At the same time, your partner should not notice any difference.

Two Condoms

Some people prefer to wear two ordinary condoms instead. This has a very similar effect to wearing a very thick condom, possibly even greater effect.

Some people say that wearing two condoms can actually lead to a greater chance of breakage due to friction between the two surfaces of latex. So, if you’re going to use this method then I recommend that your partner use birth control.

Who Is This Method Not Suitable For?

If you are in a relationship where your partner takes the pill and you hate using condoms then this method is probably not going to be for you. Probably in the past you have tried condoms but don’t like the feeling.

Then you might want to consider non-latex condoms as these are said to give better sensation. But due to this they won’t give you as good assistance to prevent your PE.

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