Smoking And Premature Ejaculation – Is There A Link?

I found this interesting article published on The Times website about a guy who started smoking after meeting his fiancée and now suffers from premature ejaculation and thinks that there may be a link.

One of the experts explains that premature ejaculation is caused by anxiety so it is probably the guy’s apprehensiveness about marriage that is causing his PE. She goes on to recommend the stop-start technique – personally, I think that this is only a first base in curing your PE and not very useful.

However, she does make an interesting observation – that the guy seems to have created a psychological link between smoking and his premature ejaculation. So by quitting smoking he may actually cure his bedroom problem! This is the interesting thing about this condition – and I believe it would work for this chap too.

The other resident sex expert has useless advice, mostly on the already well known link between smoking and impotence. He says that “smokers are also more likely to suffer premature ejaculation” but yet shows no evidence for this.

I decided to check out some studies[1][2] and whilst many men who have erectile dysfunction (often from smoking) also have premature ejaculation, there is no solid evidence that the prevalence is any higher than for the general population.


If a guy who smokes thinks that his PE is caused by it then he might as well try to stop smoking and see if it fixes the problem. He shouldn’t be surprised, however, if there is little or no change.

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