How To Stop Premature Ejaculation With Sprays And Creams

Sprays, creams, ointments and the rest – they might not cure your premature ejaculation permanently, but for a couple of night’s convenience, they can’t be beaten. Here are some of the ways you can use them to enhance your abilities in the bedroom.

Creams and Ointments

Most of these products are relatively weak in strength. They are designed to just take off the “edge” in physical sensitivity. You’d be surprised how much longer you can last for just a tiny loss in sensitivity.

Some of them contain anesthetic compounds but others don’t contain any at all – they can be a mix of herbal remedies. Frankly, some of these don’t do anything and are relying on the placebo effect to work i.e. you believe in the product and therefore you are less stressed about performing and you last longer. So it wasn’t the cream or the ointment at all!

All in all, most creams are a waste of money. I once bought a cream that was supposed to be a numbing cream but it did absolutely zip for me. In fact, the cream contained some kind of granules so it was a little painful!

“China Brush”

I once purchased this little bottle from a local adult store. It comes in a small glass vile with a picture of a Chinese medicine man on the front! This product is imported from China and features instructions in Chinese and pidgin English!

I was advised to apply just a couple of drops to the underside of the penis but I was impatient so I liberally applied much more to my entire glans.

The ointment had a strange scent and I have no idea what the ingredients are, although they are purported to be “all natural”.

This remedy did nothing for me at the time. My ejaculation was not reduced whatsoever!

Stud 100

Stud 100 is one of the few “delay sprays” that does actually work. The main active ingredient is lidocaine which is a medical standard anesthetic. You spray the liquid anesthetic liberally onto the penis – mostly on the head.

Like your trip to the dentist, it can often be worth waiting 10 minutes for maximum effect. The maximum dosage is 24 sprays in 24 hours although I confess to doing this amount in one session! I should add that this is definitely not recommended – there could be long term harmful effects from using too much anesthetic on a regular basis.

The results were very good indeed. Sensation is definitely reduced, sometimes so much that you are not sure if the penis is yours anymore! Sex is different but, so long as your erection is full, still very satisfying. One big difference is that you will not feel the warmth of your partner during penetration anymore which you might consider a downside of these types of sprays.

Advantages Of Sprays

Sprays, creams and ointments are very convenient. They only need a little preparation and you are ready to go. As long as you choose one that works for you then it is a much better alternative to sinking 5 beers or trying to distract yourself during sex.

Disadvantages Of Sprays

Sprays are only a temporary measure to control the symptoms of premature ejaculation. They do not address the root cause and they are not advised for long term use. They also reduce the sensations in your penis. It is rumoured that long term use of them can even make you over-sensitive although I doubt that this is really true.

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