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Imagine if you will, you are enjoying a romantic evening with your partner, everything is going great leading up to the ‘big moment’ – only instead of culminating in mutual enjoyment, you prematurely ejaculate – effectively ruining the end to a perfect night.

A man’s performance in the bedroom is a delicate and very personal subject. When I started reading Ejaculation Trainer I was uncomfortable and skeptical.

What I found was truly impressive! Not only does Matt Gorden approach the problem of PE using sound scientific methods and completely natural techniques, he takes an arguably uncomfortable subject and turns it into frank discussion about men’s health.

Join me as I review Ejaculation Trainer and offer some insights into an often avoided, always embarrassing but completely fixable problem.

First Impressions
We’ve all seen the ads and infomercials for various pills and creams promising to make you bigger, last longer and essentially turn you into a sex god. Unfortunately none of those quick fixes and ‘enhancements’ are permanent and often come with unpleasant or harmful side effects.

Ejaculation Trainer teaches you methods for actually training your body – much like an athlete trains for a competition. You develop specific muscle control that directly impacts your ejaculatory response. Rather than having your body calling all the shots, YOU are the one in control of how and when you ejaculate.

Remember though, the 90 lb weakling doesn’t do a few arm curls and instantly become Mr. Universe. This is a process of training your body and your mind to respond in a specific manner – it’s not going to happen overnight, which is why this book is so spectacular! Matt teaches you how to train your body for long term success, but he also offers many quick-fix techniques that will improve your performance immediately and support your long term goals for permanent improvement.

Easy to Use – Easy to Understand
Unlike dry medical or scientific publications outlining ejaculatory mechanics and dysfunctions without really addressing non-pharmaceutical methods for preventing or correcting premature ejaculation, Ejaculation Trainer offers a new approach to an all too common problem.

This easy to follow, step by step guide will teach you how to control your ejaculatory reflex, effectively re-wiring your physical and mental responses to sexual stimulation. Personally, this was the most interesting part of the book. I wanted to learn how to control my body, my ejaculatory responses. Everyone likes the ‘quickie’ and ejaculating too early isn’t usually a concern in those situations. But what about those times when you want to last? Prematurely ejaculating during those marathon encounters is a real downer – for both you and your partner.

Ejaculation Trainer lays out a clear path to success that anyone can follow. Then it further takes the guesswork out by concluding with a 5-step plan that clearly summarizes everything you’ve read and helps you get started on a lifelong journey of sexual satisfaction.

Think of the confidence you will have knowing you have complete control of your body! No more embarrassment and disappointment. No insidious voice in the back of your mind making your doubt your sexual prowess and undermining your self esteem!

Final Thoughts
There are literally thousands of products – from “magic” pills and creams, to hypnosis and penile pumps and a host of other gimmicks – used in the promotion of sexual enhancement and improved performance. If you are looking for the occasional quick-fix, then there are several products on my webpage that might interest you more than this system. If on the other hand, you are searching for long term natural improvement to your sexual performance and are willing to put in the effort to achieve it, then Ejaculation Trainer has everything you need and more.

As with any physical activity (and you should approach this as an exercise program) you should consult your doctor prior to starting the step by step plan. And remember the techniques in Ejaculation Trainer build a foundation on which you will be developing your sexual prowess. Failure to follow the instructions correctly could lead to overall dissatisfaction with the product.

Fortunately, the support staff at the Ejaculation Trainer website is wonderful! Not sure about something discussed in the book? Don’t be shy; the support folks are professional, knowledgeable and helpful! Check out the testimonials on their website too. Thousands of men worldwide have shared their success stories, and having read the material and used the techniques myself, I wholeheartedly share their enthusiasm and support for Ejaculation Trainer.

If you are looking for a lifetime of great sexual encounters and prefer the natural approach in correcting premature ejaculation and enhancing performance, Ejaculation Trainer gets a five star rating from me!

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Charles H. Pickering, Ontario
“I would recommend the ejaculation trainer to anyone with PE”

“Well Matt, I’m so pleased with the information that I’ve received. I just changed partners and that’s when the topic of PE came up. You see my first partner was completely satisfied with oral and didn’t require much vaginal stimulation so during sex, I developed the habit of pleasing myself very quickly after she was satisfied orally.

My other partner is only satisfied with vaginal and clitoral stimulation; more the latter and that started the problem. Future sexual encounters were tense and I had even worse performance trying to please her with vaginal intercourse. However, after reading the material and started practicing, there was instant change for the better in my performance. Honestly, I was now very much aware of what was happening between my legs and most importantly my breathing. I started to get compliments from my new partner and this is important especially since she made me aware that she does not ever want to fake an orgasm just to please me.

I am so happy and continual practices will only leave me with greatest improvement. I would recommend the ejaculation trainer to anyone with PE; it literally will make you a new man.”

Tim Rochester, NY
“It made perfect sense”

“Like other methods I tried, I was skeptical. I tried a lot of things, and spent a lot of money on other junk that just didn’t work. Once I started reading what it was about, it made perfect sense.

I cannot believe the difference I noticed the same week. My sex life has exploded into a whole new ball game. I am very happy, and so is she!! No more wondering if she is going to climax, I’m in control of that.

What a load off my mind, and a big boost of confidence that I needed. I should have done this a while ago. Thank you very much.”

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