Buy Lidocaine Spray – How To Order A Lidocaine Delay Spray

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So, where can you buy a delay spray?

Pharmacist or Adult Shop

I first bought my delay spray at a pharmacist. But I tell you, it is just like buying condoms but even worse. As you pass over the delay spray and the cute babe takes your cash, or even the father-figure-like old guy, it sure doesn’t feel good!

Even an adult store is not much better. Sure, everyone else in there is pretty seedy and you always wonder who might see you on your way out!

But even if you don’t get embarrassed easily, the worst part about buying this spray in your local store is the price! At some places, it’s costs double compared to where you could get it from for cheaper. This is because any regular store is going to charge a high mark up price per unit sold, they have rent and many workers to pay.

Online – A Better Way To Buy Spray!

Online is so much better.

First of all, it’s discreet and nobody knows that you’re buying delay spray.

Secondly, you can get much better price deals! Even the single price is better but you can often save even more on 2 for 1 or other bulk deals.

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