Premature Ejaculation Squeezing Technique

The squeezing technique, also known as the “squeeze method” or “squeeze technique” is a method of delaying ejaculation that was created in 1970 by Masters and Johnson. Masters and Johnson were a husband-wife science couple who did pioneering research into sexuality using real people as test subjects.

Instead of stopping stimulation when you feel too aroused, this technique works differently. Here’s how it works.

How The Squeeze Method Works

When you feel yourself getting closer to orgasm, get your partner to apply the squeeze to the head (glans) of your penis using her fingers. Very quickly, your penis will lose blood and you will lose your erection and arousal.

The reason I say that your partner should do it is that it’s very difficult to do yourself. Also, I’ve experimented with this on myself and I personally find that it doesn’t work as well on yourself. I don’t know why but I think getting someone else to do it who does not know your penis as well as you do, seems to work much better.

Where Should My Partner Place Her Fingers?

She should keep her index finger and middle finger together and place the pads of the finger (where fingerprints are taken from) on the top side of the glans. Then she should place the thumb on the underside of the glans.

Then she should press firmly on the head of the penis. It should be quite a firm press so tell her not to be afraid. If she presses firmly then the penis will shrink within seconds and there will be no pain whatsoever.

After The Squeeze

After the squeeze has been done, you can resume foreplay again until you get aroused and can resume penetration. Once again, when you almost reach the point of no return, you can apply the squeeze again and repeat.

Ejaculation Training?

The idea of this method is that you should be able to increase how long you last with practice. This works for some men and not for others. The nuances of real sex mean that if you want to do training, it is best to do it with a partner rather than via masturbation.

How Do I Rate The Squeeze Technique?

The squeeze technique can be useful and the great thing about it is that it will involve your partner so it will bring the two of you closer. The problem with the squeeze technique is that it does not kill the arousal enough for some men. This means that after the squeeze, it may only be less than 5 minutes till you need to squeeze again which can be too frequent an interruption for many people.

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