Premature Ejaculation Therapy – Could This Be the Ultimate Natural Method For Lasting Longer?

If you’re thinking about premature ejaculation therapy then I congratulate you. Sounds like you’ve had enough of the short term measures and want to know how to cure your problem in the long term. In this article, I’ll tell you why this kind of therapy works and how you can access it for yourself.

How Does Therapy Work?

Ultimately, the cause of all premature ejaculation is “performance anxiety”. This means that when a guy enters the bedroom he becomes nervous.

Usually this is because he is worried about how long he is going to last. After all, orgasm feels great but it only lasts a few seconds. Getting there is just as much fun but we all want to make it as long as possible.

The problem is that even just thinking about it will give you “performance anxiety”. Just thinking about it will actually make it happen.

Therapy works by retraining you so that you don’t think about it anymore. When you concentrate simply on the sex and your partner and enjoying the act to the maximum without any distractions of worry, your time till ejaculation will naturally increase.

Sex Surrogate

This is the best method of therapy you can get. This is where a woman who is a sex therapist has sex with you and teaches you how to naturally increase your time till ejaculation.

Unfortunately this is very taboo in medical circles and extremely difficult to obtain. You might be able to get it in The Netherlands and in Israel this service is legal. But everywhere else it is mostly illegal.

Self Therapy

The other method available to everyone but still effective is self therapy. There are a number of natural techniques that you can use yourself to naturally extend yourself.

I make a distinction here between short term methods like different positions and the “squeeze technique” for example. These are useful methods but they are only short term.

However, there are self therapy techniques that work in the long term by getting rid of your performance anxiety and are very successful for most guys.

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