SS Cream – Secret Severance Cream – Does It Work?

Little known in the west, SS cream is a herbal product originating in Korea that contains extracts from 9 herbs, some of which have local anesthetic properties. Interestingly for a herbal product, it has been the subject of numerous studies including RCTs (randomized controlled trials), presumably due to its popularity and reputed efficacy. It is approved by the Korean FDA and patented in several countries.

How Is It Used?

It is intended to be applied to the glans of the penis one hour prior to intercourse but washed off just before intercourse to ensure that both the man and his partner do not absorb any more of the active ingredients.

Side Effects

Reported side effects are rare and of minimal severity. The most common is a temporary mild irritation or sensation of heat, or undesired delay in ejaculation of greater than 30 minutes.

Study Outcomes

One study tested a range of doses versus placebo and found a “clinically optimal dose” of 0.20 g[1]. Several studies indicate that SS cream is useful for treating premature ejaculation whether or not erectile dysfunction is also prevalent[2]. One wide ranging study showed that SS cream can give an IELT of 11 minutes on average compared to 2.5 for placebo[3].

Mechanism Of Action

It appears that SS cream works as an anesthetic agent and desensitizes the penis in a similar fashion to lidocaine/prilocaine topical treatments. Comparison of these topical treatments in the same study would prove useful in future.


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