Premature Ejaculation Squeeze Technique

Many of you may have heard of the squeeze technique for premature ejaculation but do you know exactly how to execute it and the variations of it? Is it a decent method worth investigation or could you do better? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s take a closer look.

Masters and Johnson

Masters and Johnson were a husband-wife couple who also happened to both be sex therapists and indeed pioneers in the 1950s and 60s. Back then, they published what was one of the most revolutionary of studies where couples were hired to investigate various aspects of sex and sexual relationships. Some lucky volunteers even got to have sex in the laboratory!

They also looked into premature ejaculation and one of their findings was that the squeeze method (or technique) can be beneficial for delaying ejaculation.

The Principle

Basically, all guys feel an increase in arousal during penetrative sex. There comes a point that can be called “the point of no return”. If you arouse yourself to this level then you will ejaculate within a matter of a couple or three seconds. However, if you apply the squeeze technique just before this point then you can immediately subdue your arousal and your reaction. After this, you can work yourself up again towards ejaculation and either go all the way or continue to use the squeeze technique again and again.

The Technique

When you are ready, quickly withdraw from your partner and then place your thumb and first two fingers around your glans. There are a few variations but most involve the thumb on the underside of your penis and the two fingers on top. Then apply a hard squeeze and immediately the blood will rush out of your penis and it will go half-flaccid. Don’t be afraid to press really hard and also make sure you hold it for enough time e.g. 10 seconds.


The squeeze method is handy but this was used in an age when there was little else that a guy with premature ejaculation could do. These days there are far more remedies and cures that any guy can reach for or use. So today it remains a cheap (free!) method but it does lead to interruption which may be unwanted by the man or his partner.

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