Delay Premature Ejaculation Product

There are basically 2 types of delay premature ejaculation product that you can use.

Short Term Products

These are best if you need something that will work tonight, or for a date that you have this week or maybe you just want to be able to perform when your girlfriend is in town and you rarely see her and you need things to go right.


This is not really a product but I thought I’d tell you anyway as it is one of the best ways and will also show your woman that you can be a master lover in bed. Don’t just stick to the 4 or 5 positions that you have ever tried in your life. Here is a great website with animations: Sex Positions 101.

What you should do is to try different ones out and see what works for you. In particular, go for positions where she gets more clitoral stimulation.


Positions work really well but if you need that extra piece of mind then you should go for anesthetics.

The delay condom is the best to try here first. It contains a small amount of anesthetic in the tip and will buy you a few extra minutes in the bedroom. I have written extensively on this topic here: climax control condoms.

Alternatively, if you don’t like condoms, then you can get yourself an anesthetic spray. This works in the same way but is more flexible in how little or how much you want to you use. There is only one product worldwide that works and it is called Stud 100. I tried all the other ones, including herbal varieties, and they were simply useless. You can try them if you want but you are wasting your money. You can see my review of Stud 100 here: Stud 100 Review.

By the way, for all anesthetics, you should not use too much or you will lose too much sense of touch. This includes the natural warm feeling of the vagina around your penis. Use only a little at first and you will find that sex is still very enjoyable with plenty of sensations.

Long Term Products

The above work great if you are going to have sex soon and you are prepared to use them each time you have sex. But, deep down, don’t you really desire to have a normal sex life without the need for any assistance?

This is where PE ebooks or training guides really come into their own.


An ebook is simply a document that you can view on your computer. The advantage compared to a regular book is that you can order and receive it instantly online plus you don’t have to hide it under a pile of magazines like you would do at the bookstore.

These ebooks are more like “how to” instructional guides that will train you over a series of days to achieving what I call “total ejaculatory control”.

Like building your biceps, the results of the training won’t be apparent immediately but you will see results in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

The great advantage, however, is that these results will last for a lifetime. Now compare that to needing a constant supply of delay spray? In my mind, it’s a no brainer – why would you not want to look towards a long term cure for your problem?

Based on my own experience with premature ejaculation I have reviewed the 3 most successful ebook products for PE here: premature ejaculation ebooks.

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