Premature Ejaculation Video

There is no such thing as a premature ejaculation video to cure your problem. Not yet, anyway.

The reason is that many of the cures and remedies are easy to understand without needing to visualise them. I think a demonstration video would be against YouTube TOS. However, there are some useful videos I managed to find out there.


This is a method of training your PC muscle that is heavily featured in Christian Gudnason’s book, Ejaculation Master. His book goes into far greater detail but the video below is actually a pretty good introductory guide to Kegels.

Destin Gerek is a guy on YouTube who teaches about sexuality and tantric sex and he shows you in this video how to do a few basic Kegel exercises. This is recommended viewing for anybody dealing with premature ejaculation.

Triangular Breathing

This is a great video from a guy called Alex Allman. Although the video is called “Part 2”, ignore the first part because it is just about talking to your partner.

This video though is about using a yogic technique called triangular breathing. It’s much easier than you think and Alex runs through how to use it. Try it for yourself and see if it helps with your PE.

Personally, I think it works because it is a method of distraction. In my opinion, this is not a great way to stop PE and is not a permanent cure. Nevertheless, it’s natural and free and you could use it tonight if you wanted to.

Stamina Training

This is a 30 minute video by Lloyd Lester that has an amazing amount of information on building stamina. Probably the best premature ejaculation video I’ve seen.

He covers pretty much everything including causes, treatments and cures. Definitely a must watch in my opinion because of all the free info but I’ll warn you ahead of time that there’s a sales pitch at the end.

The product is top shelf but the real value is in the video.

David Chappelle

This is a great stand up routing by Dave Chapelle on premature ejaculation.

It won’t specifically help you with your problem but it is worth watching because it will help you put your problem into perspective and see the lighter side of it.

Look, PE is a problem that many guys face, as Chappelle will tell you. You’re not on your own and if you want to cure your problem for good, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading the articles on this site and learn how to improve yourself and conquer your PE for good.

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