How Lowering Your Stress Helps You Last Longer

Lowering your stress really can help you to last long in the bedroom. In fact, it’s the key to unlocking your sexual potential.


It’s well known that the root cause of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety. What this means is that you can be very confident in life and unstoppable. You may have been a long lasting pornstar with your previous partners but the minute you start to worry about how long you will last in the bedroom is the beginning of your premature ejaculation.

To really solve your PE problem, whilst you can use creams and the like, curing yourself of this performance anxiety is the ideal outcome.

Anxiety And Stress

These are both very closely related. Whenever you have one then you have the other. If you worry about something then you have an anxiety.

The body doesn’t tolerate anxiety very well. When the mind is not well then the body will follow and this is stress. Stress is, if you like, the manifestation in the body of anxiety.

So if you sweat profusely when giving a public speech, this is stress. If you ejaculate early in the bedroom while worrying about lasting a long time for your partner to be happy, this is stress.

How To Stop Stress

It’s very rare that a man suffering from premature ejaculation will have absolutely no other stress in his life. Chances are, you have a job that you find tough or maybe family or marital problems.

Whatever these problems are, they are contributing even if it’s just a little, to your premature ejaculation problem. So how can you stop this?

Fit Mind

Anxiety is a state of mind. Did you know that anxiety is a modern problem? It never really existed hundreds of years ago. It’s just a product of modern society and its ways.

You need to unlock yourself from the way that most people think.

For instance, here’s one tip – stop reading newspapers and watching the news. Have you noticed how you are probably hooked on the daily news? Did you lose any sleep over it when you were a child? Do you really need to know what’s going on in the world?

If you check out the news, it’s only bad stuff that grabs the headlines. War, poverty, famine and crime. You never hear about all the good stuff that happens in the world and you are fed a diet of bad information.

But this diet is well within your control. I’d advise you to start thinking about your “information diet” carefully. No wonder so many people are stressed.

Fit Body

Many people in the western world and now even the growing economies such as China, are overweight. And even those that aren’t either exist on a diet of cigarettes or malnutrition.

You only get one body to use in a lifetime so you should look after it well.

It is well known that if you do regular exercise that you will also feel much better. Exercise has incredible powers for reducing stress and building confidence. If you’re not already doing it regularly then I can highly recommend it, even small changes are better than none at all.

Find Out More

If you want to know more about lowering your stress then I can highly recommend a great book by Angela Carter. Angela was a gal who lost everything due to marital problems. Somehow she was able to see the light and overcome it all. Even if you are not stressed it is a great story of personal triumph in the face of adversity. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

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