Special Condoms For Preventing Premature Ejaculation

Condom companies are muscling in for market share of the huge premature ejaculation market. So can a condom really help you to prevent premature ejaculation?

How Do They Work?

All these special condoms work in the same way. They contain an anesthetic cream or gel called benzocaine that is placed into the teat of the condom before they are packaged.

When you place the condom over your penis, the cream warms to your body temperature and becomes a liquid that is absorbed into the glans or the head of your penis. Within about 10 minutes, the mild anesthetic takes effect and your sensations are reduced so that you can still be aroused and feel pleasure but you can also last longer in bed. Typically you can expect from somewhere between 20% and 50% more time depending on your own individual situation.

Are They Safe?

Anesthetic creams and this specific application of them (inside condoms) is regulated and considered safe to public health in most countries. The condoms do not carry any specific warnings about long term use.

However, some anesthetic creams or sprays that are not packaged with condoms but on their own do often have instructions that say they should not be used in the long term.

Additionally, the FDA is currently looking into some reports that benzocaine throat sprays have caused complications. This is because benzocaine can cause methemoglobinemia (a disorder of the blood) if overused.

Used occasionally and in the small amounts in a condom, it is highly safe.

Not A Cure

These special condoms are a great way to prevent premature ejaculation as and when you want to. But are they a long term cure?

If you read the other articles on this site and listen to doctors then you’ll know that the root cause of premature ejaculation is anxiety – worrying about your performance.

These condoms are a great help but you do need to use them constantly. They won’t cure performance anxiety permanently but are a good training tool.

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