Premature Ejaculation Gene

Is your premature ejaculation just down to genetics? The answer is yes and no. Premature Ejaculation Gene Found You may have read recently about a Dutch study of 200 men conducted by Dr. Marcel Waldinger who is one of the world’s leading researchers into premature ejaculation – for example, he defined the term “intravaginal ejaculation […]

Smoking And Premature Ejaculation – Is There A Link?

I found this interesting article published on The Times website about a guy who started smoking after meeting his fiancĂ©e and now suffers from premature ejaculation and thinks that there may be a link. One of the experts explains that premature ejaculation is caused by anxiety so it is probably the guy’s apprehensiveness about marriage […]

Male Multiple Orgasm – Truth Or Fiction?

Is the male multiple orgasm really possible? And how can it be achieved? Separation of Orgasm And Ejaculation When a man ejaculates, various chemicals are released throughout the body and including the brain which immediately kills our passion. For instance, a man can have very “dirty” thoughts but as soon as he ejaculates these can […]

Delay Premature Ejaculation Product

There are basically 2 types of delay premature ejaculation product that you can use. Short Term Products These are best if you need something that will work tonight, or for a date that you have this week or maybe you just want to be able to perform when your girlfriend is in town and you […]

Male Performance Anxiety

Male performance anxiety is the root cause of 99% of cases of premature ejaculation. Let’s take a closer look at the components of it. What Is Anxiety Itself? The medical definition of anxiety is “a feeling of apprehension and fear that manifests itself in physical symptoms e.g. sweating, palpitations”. What Is Male Performance Anxiety? This […]