More Sex Lowers Your Risk Of Finishing Early

In most cases, the more sex you have the better the chance you have at beating your premature ejaculation. Practice makes perfect as they like to say. But how is this so?


Premature ejaculation is most common in men under 30, especially adolescents. The only other group that suffer from it are some older men but this is due to erectile dysfunction. Otherwise, it’s nearly always younger and over excited guys who get this condition.

More Experience

This doesn’t happen in all cases but a lot of men grow out of premature ejaculation. Unfortunately for these guys who don’t try to use any assistance, this can take them years but nevertheless many do grow out of it.

The idea is that the more that you have sex, the better you get to know how your mind and body react to it, what you like your partner to do for you and how women in general like to be pleased.

Lowered Anxiety

The primary cause of premature ejaculation is anxiety about your performance. The more experience you get then the more confident and calm about it that you can be.

Hence you get less anxiety and a lower risk of premature ejaculation.

It’s like trying anything new. The first few times there are so many unknowns and if you are trying to impress someone or maybe even a crowd or an audience, you fear failure. But after a while, you get really good at it and you fear nothing.

Not A Special Event

Sex will always be great but after a while it ceases to be some kind of life transforming event.

For young guys, the opportunity to get sex is great. As you get older and have less partners but deeper relationships, sex is almost on tap and you can get it often when you are in a relationship.

It’s still good sex but you wouldn’t single out the 356th time you and your wife had sex and brag about it to your buddies!

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